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Founded in 1993, Bridge Asia Japan (BAJ) is an authorized non-profit organization in Japan. We carry out developmental assistance activities together with people and communities in Myanmar and Vietnam. BAJ is an independent NGO, with no religious, political, or governmental affiliations.


What We Do

In Myanmar, we

- Construct bridges and school buildings

- Repair vehicles, speed boats, and machines

- Assist in income generation through vocational training

- Construct and repair tube-wells

- Reconstruct damaged school buildings and provide disaster risk reduction (DRR) education in cyclone-affected areas


In Vietnam, we

- Assist in children’s education through scholarships and supplementary classes in low-income areas

- Support environmental education activities for children

- Assist in income generation through installing Big-gas digester for hog farmers


Our Vision

Today, we are facing global issues that transcend national borders: poverty, refugees, and environmental destructions. BAJ strives to resolve these challenging issues by thinking and acting locally.


In order to create an environment that will lead to healthier and happier lives for individuals in Asia who have strong historical ties to Japan historically, and to realize harmonious co-existence and firm solidarity with them, BAJ carries out its activities towards the three main goals, hoping to build bridges of mutual understanding by overcoming differences in political affiliation, religion, language, and culture. 



Our Three Goals


By utilizing appropriate and traditional technologies that exist in local communities while introducing new skills, BAJ provides opportunities for acquiring vocational skills and capacity building to such vulnerable individuals as returnees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), disabled individuals, young adults deprived from educational opportunities and women with limited employment opportunities.



BAJ provides the necessary knowledge and physical environment that facilitates empowerment and self-sufficiency of local community members in order to better connect acquired skills to income generation.



In close collaboration with local community members, BAJ develops basic infrastructures such as schools, bridges, and tube-wells, which are essential for vitalizing local economy. At construction sites, BAJ provides on-the-job training to community members so that they can maintain and operate completed structures by themselves.


In 1993, the “Indo-China Citizens Center” was established to assist Vietnamese orphans and children with disabilities as a part of post-war reconstruction.


In 1994, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) requested to assist in “Resettlement of Returnees (refugees who have returned to their homeland)” in Northern Rakhine State located along the Bangladeshi border of Myanmar.


In 1995, we began our activities in Myanmar on a full scale. Starting with the repair and maintenance of vehicles and machines used by U.N. organizations and other NGOs, we have been training returnees and local youths in technical skills such as engine repair, welding, and electrical wiring. Furthermore, we have been constructing basic infrastructures such as bridges, schools, and tube-wells necessary for the repatriation and resettlement of returnees.


In Vietnam, we sent local representatives to Ho Chi Minh City in 2002, and conducted an “Investigation of recycling urban wastes in Vietnam” research project, funded by Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC, now JICA). Extending our activities further into urban low-income areas, we have been implementing the collection and recycling of urban wastes and environment enhancing activities, as well as supporting income generation of residents through microcredit and savings activities.


Annual Reports

To learn more about BAJ’s achievements, download our Annual Report:

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